Certified Export Packaging

TIMBERLINE, LLC is certified to provide export packaging approved throughout the world. Our customers rely on us to provide the latest information on the fast changing requirements for export packaging. Whether it is ISPM 15, IPPC, SWPM or HTDB, we help you navigate the maze.  We also assist you with your crating and packaging needs of all types, whether for cross-country shipping or export and ocean cargo shipping.

From design inception to manufacturing and warehousing, we’re here to assist you.

  • HT certified crates and pallets.
  • Crates designed for you to pack.
  • Packing Services – We can pack your equipment for you.
  • Blocking and Bracing to prevent moving or shifting during handling and transport.
  • We provide full documentation of each package and a detail of all items in load, by package, to meet export documentation requirements.
  • Check out the latest Export Regulations from the US Department of Agriculture.

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Certification for solid wood packaging